Stats when we closed

What a ride. So lets see some of the numbers...

When we closed the site, we had 41 users online at the same time.

1,772,822 posts, 425,230 messages, 133,040 comments, 27,246, photos, and 348,091 emails sent out.

We saw 19,269 posts this month for the last 15 days.

32,878 slices of pizza sent to users.

12,445 users.

The day we announced that we are closing

It was a sad day today for everyone on Twii, on June 20th 2017 it was announced that Twii is closing on July 15th. The more surprising part is that the site has more usage today then any other day in months.

We had so many messages and even blog posts about us closing like this one from that you can find at

The amazing support over the last few years by the people using the site has been amazing. Me and all the other staff are so happy so many people called Twii home.

We are embedding a photo scan of the site post below only because we want this content to always stay online.