This was my first computer I ever bought. A netbook I still have and is usable to this day (but to slow to even load google). It was the first computer I was able to take on trips (was on a trip in this photo) without shutting the site down when doing so (as it ran on my home laptop on port 8080)

When I got the first iPad I used it like crazy to write down my ideas for the site. It was really my only main project at the time that I worked on.

Building Twii in 2012

Back in in 2012 it was called Norket

Building Twii in 2011

This was when it was called Norket

Twii in 2010

Back before it was Norket, and well before it was Twii, it was Me' Mini Post

Twii in 2011

Twii was called Norket at the time