I always was on the site making things while watching TV. (on the screen is Stargate Atlantis)

The laptop battery was no good that I built and hosted the site on, so I had to keep it plugged in at all times, the brick overheated and would shutdown at random times, also the hard drive was no good and it all ran on a SD card. (yes all 10mb/s)

First time messing with FTP allow me to host it on the Blue desktop and edit from my laptop, first time setting up FTP

This laptop ran everything for the first 4 years of web development for me.

This was my office back then, the site ran for some time on my laptop and the desktop behind it on port 8080.

Looking at buying a harddrive so I can not run my laptop hosting the site on a SD card.

I got my first real Mac and it was a game changer, I used a web host and then renamed and built under the name Twii. This is a few months later when I was at a friends house.

Building Twii in 2012

Back in in 2012 it was called Norket

Building Twii in 2011

This was when it was called Norket

Twii in 2010

Back before it was Norket, and well before it was Twii, it was Me' Mini Post

Twii in 2011

Twii was called Norket at the time